Friday, February 7, 2020

County Receives Funding for Tornillo Sidewalks from TxDOT

January 31, 2020

Austin, TX--The Texas Transportation Commission approved $24 million this week for 30 projects across the state that will build sidewalks, shared use paths, bike lanes and other safety features.

This federal funding is from the Transportation Alternatives program and includes projects that enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety, provide access to multimodal options and connect important community destinations like schools, jobs, downtowns, commercial areas and medical facilities. These go to rural or small urban areas of the state.

The commission approved 18 projects under this category valued at $15.8 million across the state.

TxDoT officials say these projects are set to build things like sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, bike lanes and other improvements designed to improved safety.

In the El Paso District, these projects include:

Tornillo South Sidewalks/SUP
Project Description: The project will construct sidewalks along Cobb Avenue, Florinda Drive, Linda Drive, Florella Drive, and 2nd Street, totaling 1.6 miles, in Tornillo.

Additionally, the project includes construction of a shared use path for pedestrian and bicycle use on 3rd Street for one-tenth of a mile to connect to a previous TA -funded shared use path along O.T. Smith Road. The project will connect residences to schools and transit.

Tornillo North Sidewalks
Project Description: The project will construct sidewalks along Drake Street, Old Mill Drive, and Los Coyotes Drive, totaling 1.6 miles, in Tornillo. The project will connect neighborhoods to businesses and school campuses. This project will connect to a shared use path previously funded through TxDOT’s 2017 TA program call.

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